Welcome to AgroNet blog. A blog about agriculture, and to be more specific Dairy farming in Kenya and beyond. Agriculture was the beginning of human civilization. The ability to grow our own food and keep animals has brought humanity the luxuries of higher learning, arts and the technological sciences, but it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Today agriculture has the largest footprint of any human activity on the planet. There are huge environmental, social and economic issues that need to be addressed, not just by farmers, but by consumers.

The growing popularity of dairy farming demonstrates a revival of interest and hunger for new understanding. It’s an opportunity to start bridging the gap and helping people understand the issues, systems and ideologies at play.

So let’s start talking. My hope is that this blog can help build understanding about dairy farming that we all need by sharing stories, connecting people, and exploring the complex issues that the dairy industry faces.

We are innovators, not farmers. We ask questions and sow seeds of thought with words and stories. In our job, we talk to some of the most interesting and passionate people in the world – dairy farmers – about one of the most diverse industries of our time – dairy farming.

Check in, learn a little, join the conversation, contribute to our blog or send us your questions, and I bet we can find someone who can answer them. If you are also passionate about dairy farming, we shall accept guest contributions to our blog. Your words CAN make a difference.