On March 18th 2015, AGRONET held a stakeholders engagement forum at Strathmore Business School. The forum was meant to share the AGRONET project aims and our business plan with various stakeholders working in agribusiness, banking, IT , dairy and other sectors that are covered under the project. We had discussions around issues such as the Agronet product, target market, customer segmentation, value proposition, marketing strategy and revenue model among other aspects.

While we believe that our plan caters to customer interests and priorities, it is important that we get the right people excited about our business and in the process evaluate and refine the viability of our business idea. We had really lively interactions and also received valuable feedback from those in attendance.

The forum started off with an open floor session where discussions and contributions centered around the challenges and opportunities in the dairy industry. This session stands out because of the quality of participation and the useful insights we were able to capture on the day. For example, there was a milk processor in attendance who offered very educative information on the challenges faced by the milk processors and how this then affects the farmer. Also, some participants who have had long experience working with farmers also shared their experiences and approaches to farmer training and capacity building.

Then came the session where the AGRONET product/service/system was presented to the participants. Our Business Development officer took the participants through the workings of the system, the technology and value propositions to the farmers, agro-dealers and processors. In the process she was able to share the opportunity that AGRONET presents to the dairy industry.  This session led to discussions around the financial model, the value proposition from the participants in attendance, who easily represent potential investors, business partners, advisors and potential customers.

Overall, we received great feedback, and this will help inform Agronet’s development strategy and priorities and help shape Agronet’s final business plan.

Key Highlights:

Among the highlights of the day were;

  • Agronet gained useful insights into the workings of the processor, and the dynamics of working with the smallholder farmer, and these have led to useful discussion in improving the value offering and making the product more attractive.
  • The participants also emphasized the need for Agronet to have one unique selling point that will define the company’s unique position in the market.

From the feedback we received the participants felt that AGRONET was a viable venture as it addresses real challenges in the dairy value chain. Also, many participants were more than happy to be engaged further, and this has led to other individual meetings since then. We are working to forge partnerships and further engagements as a result. AGRONET takes this opportunity to thank all participants for their time, input and goodwill on this day.