On a bright sunny Sunday morning of 5th July 2015, Agronet team converged at the Central Business District at 11.00 am ready to leave for Githunguri. The team was energetic and the atmosphere was subtle for an exciting day ahead. The journey started after confirming that all that was required for successful day was intact.

Upon arrival at Githunguri, the team met the palm house delegation and headed to the Kahuruko SDA church grounds where the meeting was taking place. Farmers had arrived earlier and were eagerly waiting for the address by Palm house management team and registering to the AGRONET system. They are advent business people and as we prepared the registration desk, some were eager to know what AGRONET is and what benefits it brings to their lives and businesses. The show if interest gave us the opportunity to interact and mingle with the farmers on a personal level.

The interactions with this group of farmers showed their passion toward their dairy farming activities and how they wished that their efforts will be rewarded. The registration went on well even as the facilitators both from AGRONET and Palm house addressed the eager audience. There were 170 registered members with a snap shot of each being taken. The team was happy to offer the farmers with branded paraphernalia suited to educate and specifically tickle the recipients’ on the benefit of AGRONET system.  The rest of the team begrudged to effect the changes instituted by the advancement of the system.

Farmers patiently queued awaiting their turn to be registered. They facilitated the team with their personal details including official names, national identification number and their date of birth. They also provided financial details; bank details and preferred Mpesa number, herd information which included how many dairy cows, heifers and calves among other details.

The day ended with great enthusiasms of relationships fostered now and into the future.