It is no secret, Kenyan dairy farmers are exploring all means and leaving nothing to chance to raise milk yields and double their income. The new breeds of farmers know too well cows, like human beings reciprocate if treated well.

The latest and interesting technology is the Cow mattress! Yes, cows also need a mattress. Lately, a number of articles have written on this. If you haven’t’ come across them yet, here are the links to just a few of them:

Just like you, your dairy cow needs a quality mattress too

Agri-business tips from millionaire dairy farmer

After reading the articles and watching a number of videos on the same, here is a summary about this exciting technology:

The cow mattress is a unique rectangular bedding made of recycled tyres which not only reduces the cases of mastitis but also increases milk production by upto 4 litres a day. The mattresses which are treated with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial solutions come in different inches and are predominantly black in color.

You will agree with me that this is a relatively new phenomenon in our country but seems it is actively practiced in the developed countries. The cow mattresses is a departure from the normal old fashioned stalls lined with coarse sand, sticky dried manure or saw dust that make life uncomfortable for the cows.

To the dairy farmers, you need to start looking for alternative beddings for your cows and the mattresses seem to be the best thing to have happened! The beauty of this is you can use it and experience for yourself the benefits and oh, before I forget, apparently, the mattresses are already recording impressive sales!! So don’t be left out and if you are already using one, why don’t you share with us your experience?