I am not a dairy expert, but with my current vast research in this industry, I can confidently conclude that if you are thinking of investing your money in a venture that is straight forward with low risk, then dairy farming should be on top of your list. And this is especially to the youths who think of dairy farming as business for the old and retired.

To prove this to you, I have a few examples of young people making it in the dairy industry in Kenya, but I will do the proving in a different article. For now, let’s focus on what to consider before investing in dairy farming in Kenya and for me it all boils down to four key things:

  1. Feeds

To produce milk the cows need feed, feed and more feed.  Like us humans, Cow’s feeds provide it with energy, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Growing own feeds is the cheapest way to produce milk, and grass is the cheapest of all feeds to produce and mange. However if you don’t have enough land, buying is an option. My advice is – buy during the rainy seasons when feeds are cheap. Learn to conserve and use during dry season. Do this and you are on top of your game. Milk fetches highest price in the dry season so if you can produce more, the richer you become.

Probably my next article should be on the different types of feeds for cows.

  1. Cow house and equipment 

The next step is building a cow house. Again unlike what most farmers think, cow house should not be expensive. Other than the house, invest in a Cow mattress, if you have no idea what this is, read my previous blog on the same!

  1. Buy they cow

Once you have the feed and the house, the next thing is to buy a cow. Here think of the breed you want to keep and the number of cows you want. You can buy a calf, heifer or a pregnant cow.

  1. Seek knowledge and more knowledge

Dairy industry is ever changing and this is why you need to keep abreast with what’s happening. You need to hire an expert, subscribe to information service providers, attend workshops and trainings, and be a regular visitor at ASK shows (By the way they are about to start in different counties!)