About Us

The AGRONET system has been designed by Zege Technologies, a firm with experience in developing mobile payment and communication solutions. As a payment and communication tool tailor-made for the agricultural sector, AGRONET utilizes Zege’s mobile cash register for data capture and a Mobile Payment platform, MPAYER, for transactions processing, customer management and information sharing in the whole ecosystem.

MPAYER manages mobile money transfers and provides an electronic wallet for businesses that use it. For receiving and managing cash transactions, we have developed a mobile point of sale that generates and stores records of the businesses customers and transactions.
Through the Agronet system, Zege Technologies enters the potential-filled dairy market segment because we see the benefits in efficiency, economic empowerment and poverty alleviation it can bring to this segment. We seek to create relevant technology that leverage mobile technology, financial services and the internet.

Our Vision: To make dairy business manageable, scalable and profitable to all the stakeholders.

Our Mission: To promote efficiency and transparency in the dairy value chain through process automation.