28Aug 2015

I am not a dairy expert, but with my current vast research in this industry, I can confidently conclude that if you are thinking of investing your money in a venture that is straight forward with low risk, then dairy farming should be on top of your list. And this is especially to the youths […]

20Aug 2015

The USAID in partnership with Kenya Co-operative Creameries (New KCC) and Dairy Cows Kenya want you to consume more milk. This is contained in an ongoing promo which states “Adequate consumption of milk and dairy from early childhood and throughout life helps make the bones strong and protect them against diseases like osteoporosis in later […]

17Aug 2015

It is no secret, Kenyan dairy farmers are exploring all means and leaving nothing to chance to raise milk yields and double their income. The new breeds of farmers know too well cows, like human beings reciprocate if treated well. The latest and interesting technology is the Cow mattress! Yes, cows also need a mattress. […]

07Aug 2015

Technology is changing the way we do things and in the dairy industry to be precise the benefits are far reaching: improved profitability, milk quality, streamlined operations, improved lifestyle and animal welfare. Technology also provides the different stakeholders with information that they have not had before, to support better decision making. When creating technology for […]

19Jul 2015

We are proud to announce that Zege Technologies Limited has been selected to attend the Pre-Summit expo & Knowledge sharing seminar at the KICC Nairobi that aims to create a link between investors and enterprises to enhance entrepreneurship growth and innovation between Kenya and the US. It will also create new job opportunities for small […]

31Mar 2015

On March 18th 2015, AGRONET held a stakeholders engagement forum at Strathmore Business School. The forum was meant to share the AGRONET project aims and our business plan with various stakeholders working in agribusiness, banking, IT , dairy and other sectors that are covered under the project. We had discussions around issues such as the […]

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